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La Rue 1680 is where wellness and lifestyle merge. We carry the highest quality organic and sustainably harvested tea's and lifestyle products.

Spring Berry Punch Sparkling Lemonade

Spring Berry Punch Sparkling Lemonade

Nothing dazzles and cools on a warm summer day like lemonade.

Because of our superior ingredients, this one tastes good AND is good for you.

  • Cold brew La Rue 1680 Spring Berry Punch (unsweetened)
  • Lemon's
  • Sparkling Water or Club Soda
  • Sweetener of your choosing
  • Fresh berries for garnish

Mix Spring Berry Punch with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Use a 3:1 ratio. 3 part Spring Berry, 1 part lemon juice. Add sweetener to your liking. Top your glass off with sparkling water or club soda for a sparkling lemonade. Garnish with fresh fruit and lemon slices. 

La Rue Lifestyle Pathway

One of the main La Rue 1680 pillars is ensuring that wellness and lifestyle aren't seperated but that they merge. We are committed to creating workshops, challenges and classes to help support you in curating a life that does just that. These classes are complimentary to our La Rue 1680 family.

They're always talking

La Rue 1680 has been featured in press locally, nationally and internationally. We have been featured on tv, news, newspaper and magazines. If you'd like to request and interview with La Rue 1680 founder, Stephanie Synclair, send an email to stephanie@larue1680.com

The Gift Card

Not sure what to buy them? Let them choose and give them the ultimate gift of bougie!!!! La Rue 1680 gift card is the PERFECT solution for the lifestyle and wellness lover in your life. Coming in denominations of $50, $75, $100+, it is the most flexible gift option for even the pickest person.


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Bougie guys and gals LOVE it!
Bougie guys and gals LOVE it!
My experience with LaRue 1680 was amazing. The tea is delicious, refreshing and Enjoying it in my beautiful looking glass steeper mug sends me into a blissful state.
— Shanay Norvell
Bougie guys and gals LOVE it!
I have been searching for years for an Earl Grey that met my palate needs and I FINALLY found it here. The overall taste is excellent & the lite creamy effect at the end is all I have ever wanted. I am a sucker for half & half in my tea but this takes that need & blends it into one great cup/pot of tea. Thank you, LaRue 1680 for bringing my search to an end:)
— Wendy Troost
Bougie guys and gals LOVE it!
This tea was an overall EXPERIENCE! One that I’ll have over and over again. :)
I have completely enjoyed the various robust flavors of each tea. It’s been fun to have a different tea each day! It was packaged beautifully and shipped quickly. Thank you, LaRue 1680 for creating such a fantastic experience.
— Tracy Gromen