A Tea “Charcuterie” Tray?!?

Okay, okay, we know. Charcuterie is a meat tray. It is a classic at holiday parties often paired with cheese and sometimes crackers, fruit and jam. But, here at La Rue 1680, we like to play by the beat of our own drum so we decided to play off this classic with tea this holiday season.

We started with our Winter White Chocolate which is a perfect desert tea or holiday tea and India Street Vanilla Chai which works as a high noon tea, desert tea or "I just want it" tea.

You would then have a tea pot somewhere near filled with hot water and tea infusers available. (There are 2 available on this tray but have as many as you suspect guests need).

We then thought of tea additions that are fun and tasty and would go well for the holiday tea. So we grabbed assorted marshmallows (the traditional plus a chocolate version stuffed with milk chocolate, Carmel stuffed chocolate truffles, Hershey's as "sticks" to stir, white chocolate pieces, crushed peppermint and peppermint sticks. Oh, let me not forget chocolate sprinkles which is pretty on top of cream or foam

Then we thought, what about actual snacks that would pair well with tea?!? The options are endless here. Any berry, grapes, crackers and cheese even. We decided on assorted nuts (Brazil nut and hickory smoked, that I am absolutely in love with) Turkish apricots, dried mangos and fresh raspberries. 

Also available outside of the image is caramel topping, cinnamon sugar and nutmeg and pumpkin spice for those wanting to top with that. 

This mixture allows you and your guest to be creative as they desire with flavors. And if you have never had fun with tea, you are missing out!

It really is a treat and I guarantee you, this will be a hit this holiday season!

December 08, 2020 — Stephanie Donegan SYnclair

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