Bridgerton Pink Latte

We are absolutely in obsessed with the new Netflix cult hit, Bridgerton. The entire energy just feels like... La Rue 1680!!!!! To celebrate we are making a series of drinks and we are starting here with the Bridgerton Pink Latte. It is simple, just a couple of ingredients and it tastes so good

You can drink this hot or cold though we showed it here iced which is my personal favorite when working during the day. 



The Bridgerton Pink Latte

1 heaping tbs of La Rue 1680 Casablanca Blend

Boiling water

Milk of your choice (We used macadamia nut milk but any milk is fine here)

Sweetener of your choice. (We used stevia but honey or even simply sugar will work)

While boiling 10 oz of water, mix milk (we used 1/4 cup but amount depends on your taste) and sweetener. 

Once boiling, pour water over Casablanca blend and let steep 5 mins. 

If serving hot, fill cup 3/4 full and continue filling with sweetened milk. Stir and enjoy 

If serving cold, allow to cool for 20-30 mins. Pour over ice filling glass 3/4 full. Top with sweetened milk mixture and stir.

January 21, 2021 — Stephanie Synclair
Tags: drinks

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