French Market Tote


Handmade, extremely high quality shopping tote. 

One of the things that I love most about traveling through Europe is the simple beauty of the use of many every day items. The straw shopping tote is an example of that.

Lovely at the farmers market, the beach, or as a great and easy basket for new mothers to carry necessities from room to room!

This beautiful tote is handmade in Morocco. Hand woven from palm, with 2 leather handles on each side-- one long, one short-- for flexibility of use.

Pictures do this no justice. Its huge and perfect to replace your plastic bags. 

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15" l x 5" w x 12" h

1 lb

Customer Reviews

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Huge and sturdy

I must admit, at this price point I was concerned about quality. As soon as I received it, it was clear how much care had been taken in the construction of this beautiful tote. I just ordered a second one as a beach bag. Currently I’m using this one when I have vegetable market and flower runs. When it warms up, it will go to the Saturday morning markets. This was brilliant addition to the store! Brilliant!!


But as gas prices are high food prices get worse every day and you want people to buy I think you left your mind in Europe I have that same bag and I played 19.99+ tax ripoff

Reviews are for people who actually have the product to try. We just released it today therefore we know you haven't but just a note for you and other who may think this.

Its probably not for you and thats okay. The person who would carry our French Market tote is much more concerned with quality than price and they know that if a tote of this size is $19 its inferior quality, certainly not hand made and not using high quality materials.